Creating a WordPress Staging Site on GoDaddy

Creating a WordPress Staging Site on GoDaddy

These instructions for creating a WordPress Staging Site on GoDaddy assume that you have an existing WordPress website and you want to create a copy which will be used for testing an upgrade, testing a new plugin, etc.

There are plugins that can help duplicate a WordPress site, but this is how I prefer to do it:

  • Create a subdomain, ex: testing
  • The document root will be created.
  • Create a new database and database user; add the user to the database
  • Export existing database (since you’re exporting it to your PC, don’t delete it – it can be your backup copy if needed during testing)
  • Import that database into the new empty database
  • Zip/compress the live site files
  • Move zip to testing domain folder and extract files
  • Edit wp-config to put in database name, user, password
  • Edit database to change site-url and home to
  • Use plugin Go Live Update URLS to replace old url with new one: replace https://www.mysite.org




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