Changing the URL of a WordPress website

Changing the URL of a WordPress website

Recently a client bought a new domain name and wanted the existing WordPress site to change its domain to use the new one instead of the current one. After much research, I created and followed a plan for changing the URL of a WordPress website.

Here are the steps I followed ( is the existing domain and is the new domain):

  • Make sure the new domain is parked or pointing to default servers.
  • There are a few methods to change the WordPress Site URL and Home settings, but I chose changing it via PhpMyAdmin.
  • In the hosting, set the primary domain for the hosting to be
  • Set up a 301 permanent redirect for to point to
  • Log in to the dashboard. Go to Permalinks and just Save/Update.
  • The SSL certificate adjusted automatically.

A few plugins needed settings adjusted, but that was it!

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