2015 Constant Contact All Star

Received an email from Constant Contact today: "Last year, your efforts to manage your clients' accounts and engage with their customers were exemplary. Stellar. We certainly noticed. So we are thrilled to name you to our roster of 2015 All Stars based on your performance. This annual


Email Phishing Scam

I recently received an email that was 'from' Paypal, thanking me for my generosity. As far as I recalled, I hadn't made a Paypal donation recently, if ever.  I wondered if someone had used my login information and made a donation. Then I examined the

Windows Live Mail error 0x80072efe

A couple of weeks ago, I clicked Send/Receive in Windows Live Mail to retrieve my hotmail messages and got this error: Unable to send or receive messages for the (*********) account. Server Error: 0x80072EFE Server: '' Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80072EFE Luckily I found the answer here, tried