Diagnosing Connection Timed Out for Certain Websites

Diagnosing Connection Timed Out for Certain Websites

I was working on an existing website one day, and the next day, I get Connection Timed Out errors while trying to view the site. I could view other sites just fine. It seemed to be just this one site.

After some research, it appeared that some IP addresses may have become blocked in my area, so I first needed to find the IP address of the site that I’m unable to reach. Do this by visiting https://cachecheck.opendns.com/ and enter in the domain. Next, using the Command prompt run in administrator mode, ping the domain.

Long story short, I ended up using tracert plus some other in-depth network tools and was eventually able to show the site owner that my request was being rejected at his server, upon which he found that my IP had been blocked on that server. Problem solved!

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