Keeping WordPress Sites Updated

Keeping WordPress Sites Updated

wordpress-up-to-dateAn important part of website maintenance for WordPress sites is to keep the WordPress software and plugins updated. Hackers are constantly trying to find ways to break into WordPress sites, install malware, and take down a server.

It’s much less work to keep a site updated than to try to fix a site that’s been hacked.

Once security vulnerabilities are identified, WordPress and plugin developers fix the code and create a new software update that corrects the vulnerability.

Your WordPress dashboard will show that a new update is available. If the update is not applied, your website is then vulnerable to hackers, your site could go down and you could lose data. People who use your site could unknowingly transfer malware to their PCs.

This is true for all content management systems – not just WordPress. Ensure that you or your website maintainer keeps your site up-to-date.

An upcoming post will talk about another important reason to keep your site updated.