19365 Cypress Ridge Terr Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176

Invoice Number INV-0256
Invoice Date June 30, 2019
Due Date September 4, 2019
Total Due $126.00
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1.8 Website Maintenance

6/30/2019- Updated WordPress to latest version; updated GoDaddy PhP Software to latest version (7.3); updated plugins; replaced broken Google Analytics plugin with better one; make the three boxes on the home page stay equal height and width for any device;
7/23/2019 - upload new card, make each business linkable, and replace old card with new card on the 4 Student Discount Card pages.
7/31 - Add Font Awesome plugin so that the Font Awesome icons will show up on mobile devices; re-work home page three boxes so they resize to 100% width on smaller screens instead of squeezing three skinny boxes side by side; also on mobile, couldn't swipe to see 3rd box.
8/2019 -Worked on contact form and spam prevention several times; fixing and monitoring to prevent junk email.

Sub Total $126.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $126.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176