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Invoice Number INV-0114
Invoice Date August 23, 2017
Due Date November 6, 2017
Total Due $234.50
Winchester Family Chiropractic
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.9 Social Media

8/23 - Live to 100 - Post to FB, post to website, post on Google+; Share "How Much Exercise is Enough" to FB; Blog post on website "Water Help Daytime Fatigue"; schedule Water post for FB for 8/25; Post "Water" blog on Google and link it to website; schedule FB post "Professional Athletes" for 8/28; Posted "Professional Athletes" on Google+; schedule Food Bowl post on FB for 8/30; posted Food Bowl link on Google+.

1.55 Social Media

9/3/17 - Schedule Facebook post for 9/5 for the link to 100-year lifestyle website Tool - Year Remaining; post same link to Google+; posted as an article on the website.
9/3/17 - Schedule FB post for 9/8 about 5 conditions that chiropractors can treat; post on Google+ and on website.
9/3/17 - Schedule FB post for 9/12 about AIP Diet; post on Google+.
9/13/17 - Schedule FB post for 9/15 about Real Friends; post on Google+
9/24/17 - Post to FB How Are You Aging; post on Google; scheduled Movement and Healthy Brain for 9/26; posted to Google; scheduled Quinoa recipe for 9/28 on FB; posted to Google. Schedule Neurotoxin FB post for 9/29; post on Google. Put Quinoa recipe on website blog. Scheduled ChiroThin FB post for 10/2; posted on Google.
Submitted a ticket to Support to find out how to edit the 'Community Content' that is on the site - this content comes with all ChiroMatrix sites and is duplicated all over the internet, possibly causing a downgrade of the site.

.9 Social Media

10/10/17 - Posted 'Woke Up With It' to FB.
10/14 - Post Darkness Walk on Heather's page and Winchester Chiro FB page. 10/18/17 - Share ACA Article on insurance coverage on FB; website blog post about Ten Tips to Prevent back pain; Post this on FB and Google+; 10/23 - Post Environmental Stress article on FB and Google+; Schedule Cholesterol Drugs vs Dementia video post on FB for 10/25; post link to video on Google+; Schedule 'Method of Care' post for 10/27 on FB and post on Google+.

Sub Total $234.50
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Total Due $234.50

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