19365 Cypress Ridge Terr Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176

Invoice Number INV-0405
Invoice Date April 17, 2021
Due Date May 29, 2021
Total Due $84.00
Titanic Temptations
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1.4 Website Maintenance

4/17/2021 - Update WordPress and out-of-date plugins. Make Shop page the front page. Add search and add categories at top of page so it appears in the correct place on mobile.
4/20//2021 - Rearrange layout of home/shop page so it's more like the Etsy shop. Put categories in left side column instead of having category pictures so they show first on mobile. Fix pages that are linked to at the bottom of the site so they don't show the Meta links and login box. Fix the nav links to remove duplicate links. Remove Cart icon since it doesn't display correctly.
5/11/2021 - Research adding USPS Priority as a shipping option; edit the shipping pricing; add Shipping page and put basic information on there; add Shipping as a menu choice.
5/15/2021 - Add Alaska and HI to the shipping option.

Sub Total $84.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $84.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176