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Invoice Number INV-0294
Invoice Date January 17, 2020
Due Date April 19, 2020
Total Due $371.00
Organizing Maniacs
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5.3 Website Maintenance

1/17/20 - Optimize SEO on 3 latest posts. Add new Video to News section.
1/18/20 - For Facebook Ad tracking, had to change IS Detox247's order form Thank You page from and IS Thank You page to a website Thank You page.
1/20/20 - Send 30-day challenge emails to contact who signed up late.
1/27/20 - Update a few plugins; add podcast and video to In the News page.
2/4/20 - Add podcast to In the News page and optimize two recent posts.
2/17/20 - Troubleshoot Patricia's error with downloading Book Club reports; re-published the landing pages for all 2017-2020 reports; tested.
2/25/20 - Put Facebook Pixel purchase script into Thank you page of the Order form for Detox247; tested the purchase and thank you page. Optimized latest blog post. Removed 3 old themes. Researched exhausted memory limit error. Will monitor. Mem size is 256M.
3/12 - Checked out the Facebook Apps notification about needing a Reset.
4/3/20 - Created Virtual Organizing website page; Created Free Training Fridays campaign for April 3; created Online DIY page to replace Buy It Now page on website. Page has 30-day Organizing Challenge, Wake Up Paperless, Detox, Memorabilia, Book Club. Created a home page for each.
4/5/20 - Find out and fix disk space message from hosting.

Sub Total $371.00
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Total Due $371.00

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