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Invoice Number INV-0126
Invoice Date October 15, 2017
Due Date January 24, 2018
Total Due $385.00
Organizing Maniacs
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1.25 Website Maintenance

10/14/17 - Remove Alex from website (About page, Team page, sidebar widget, home page slideshow); optimize several of the latest posts for SEO to change red ratings to green ratings where possible.
10/25/17 - Optimize latest blog post; research why there was no address for a contact who requested the free CD - the landing page ( saves the address to the Shipping Address instead of the Billing Address.
10/25/17 - Add Washington Post article to News page.

2.25 Website Maintenance

11/21/17 - Investigated why leads are down; found some errors in log file and contacted Nate; reviewed his admin's feedback; removed Geek Goddess recaptcha/infusionsoft plugin and modified 3 InfusionSoft forms to replace old recaptcha with new Invisible Recaptcha (InfusionSoft).
Removed plugins that are no longer needed since all forms are InfusionSoft forms: Contact Form 7, Contact Form 7 Honeypot, Contact Form DB.
Investigated why Cris is still getting spam emails. Contacted InfusionSoft via online chat. Investigated removal of unsubscribed contacts, hard bounces, etc.
12/17 - Implemented jquery validation to validate form data entered before being submitted to InfusionSoft in attempt to stop the bots. Tested for first name and last name being alpha only and phone being only numeric. Tested for first name equal to last name and phone. Bots found ways around it anyway by locating the url to the form. Bots also are using aliases (Cris' other domain names that are forwarded to main domain). Still getting spam. Tried to revert back to previous recaptcha but Google doesn't support it any longer. Decided to go back to using InfusionSoft's invisible recaptcha and then work with Support to find out how to stop/reduce spam. Tried online chat again - Support said they would test using the form link directly and get back to me.

2 Website Maintenance

12/26/17 - Set up Kajabi for PaperManagement101 Course - learn how Kajabi and InfusionSoft integrate; design appearance of product page; add Cris and I as 'People' and test email notification, login, and access to resources.
12/28/17 - Find out if Vimeo videos can be downloaded and send Cris links and instructions. Review/edit latest blog posts to improve SEO. Review/edit a few old blog posts to improve SEO.

Sub Total $385.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $385.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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