19365 Cypress Ridge Terr Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176

Invoice Number INV-0442
Invoice Date October 15, 2021
Due Date March 14, 2022
Total Due $280.00
Organizing Maniacs
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
4 Website Maintenance

10/15/21 - Removed COVID page and text on home page relating to it.
11/23/2021 - Checked over the Black Friday campaign, added links, checked the checkout page, etc. Assigned the tag to start the campaign; edited website to change price/link for Detox; edited Kajabi to change price/link for Detox.
12/1/2021 - Added user to Kajabi for Vanessa; updated 4 plugins for OM website.
1/3/2022 - Updated 2022 30-day Organizing Challenge campaign; add 2022 IS tag; set up permanent Detox promo code for Vanessa to use.
1/5/2022 - Revised the new Detox campaign which sends emails to people who bought Detox on Black Friday and kicked it off.
1/9/2022 - Fixed problem with a Detox purchaser with blank username/pw in the email.
1/20/2022 - Contact form getting spammed; identified IP address and blocked it on the server; deleted the spam contacts.
1/26/2022 - Review new website and provide feedback, recommended changes.
2/25/2022 - Reviewed new website and added additional comments.
2/28/2022 - Researched Suzanne Martin receiving multiple 'speaking with you' emails - IS log shows she got only one; fixed Post Phone Follow Up campaign to remove Gina's email and name.

Sub Total $280.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $280.00

By check made out to "Sunny Day Sites LLC" to:
19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176