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Invoice Number INV-0194
Invoice Date October 5, 2018
Due Date January 12, 2019
Total Due $472.50
Organizing Maniacs
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
6.75 Website Maintenance

10/4 - Discovered issue with redirects for and worked with Kajabi support to fix it (Page Rules needed to be set up); started documenting MFA-DetoxYourFilebox process flow; started redesigning School of Productivity home page; Cris approved page, made page 'live'.
10/21 - Determined that Facebook pixel is under Cris' OM account and not her personal account. Started documenting the flowchart for the MFA campaign.
10/31 - Check into first-party cookies for the Facebook pixel, and it has already been set. Confirmed that the Facebook pixel under Cris account IS linked to the Ad Account, so it was set up correctly for business use.
11/1 - Finish diagram of MFA campaign; identify questions for Cris; Work on Thanksgiving Flash Sale campaign - figured out how to send to a list of contacts; set up Tag to prevent user from receiving additional marketing emails after purchasing; reversed the timers and emails since they were out of order.
11/2 - Track down LeadPages message about not being linked with InfusionSoft anymore; found one LeadPage that needed updating; found LeadBox for Website Popup Free CD campaign that needed linkage with IS Tags set up since old method was deprecated. Tested the popup. Worked on Readability SEO for some posts to change red SEO to green SEO level.
Got Resource error while saving a blog post. Emailed screenshot to Nate; checked in cpanel for Resources and CPU, Memory and I/O were all high. Also, emailed Nate that labels missing in cpanel for icons.
11/5 - Check to see how long myRepono backups are taking (submitted ticket). Updated myRepono API to latest version.
11/15 - Duplicate Flash Sale campaign and test it by going through whole sequence and then by purchasing in middle of sequence to make sure it exits and doesn't send rest of emails.
11/28 - Remove BlisPay from site.
11/29 - Change ClickFunnels landing pages into IS landing pages for MFA campaign. Edit MFA campaign so it shows the landing pages in correct order, and puts user into sequence to receive emails. Revise Calendly widget so it looks cleaner. Add Notes to Campaign. Test Campaign.
12/6 - Chat with IS to see what we received emails about problem with 6 campaigns; re-publish campaigns.
12/6 - (MFA Campaign) Research with Zapier, IS, YouTube, Calendly, etc., how to track video and how to notify IS that a user scheduled a Call.
12/13 - Update site to WP 5.01. Installed Classic Editor plugin which turns off the new Gutenberg editor. Checked to make sure editing Posts and Pages are back to normal (Fusion). Updated copyright to 2019.
12/15 - Checked the 2019 30 Day Challenge that Cris set up. Set up 2019 tags. Tested up to 2nd email and then Signed up. Fixed links to Signup page. Confirmed with IS Chat that Detox purchase in this campaign triggers goal in the campaign that adds person to Kajabi and grants the Detox offer.

Sub Total $472.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $472.50