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Invoice Number INV-0208
Invoice Date December 31, 2018
Due Date March 15, 2019
Total Due $787.50
Organizing Maniacs
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11.25 Website Maintenance

12/31 - Fix a couple grammar mistakes in Invite a Friend email in 2019 Get Organized Challenge Campaign.
1/23 - Reset password for SchoolOfProductivity user; sent 30 Day Organizing Challenge user the 4 emails from Week 1.
1/26 - Add gray tone GS logo to site; optimize SEO on last several posts; backups running, plugins up to date, etc.
1/31 - Add video interview on News page.
2/1 - Grant Cynthia gift of Detox Filebox.
2/6-2/7 - Finalized the MFA campaign; tested it; created a universal tag for all contacts who have purchased the detox or paper management courses; created landing page on website for Book Club signup; contacts who sign up receive an email with video and report; contacted Support to see how to add Contact Name to the thank-you page but it's not possible now - maybe in future;
2/8 - Corrected problem where anyone who schedules a consult gets the MFA-Scheduled-Consult tag. Created separate Consult just for MFA. Fixed the contacts who mistakenly had the tag; modified the 2019 30-day Challenge campaign so that anyone who requests to join can just be sent the link to the landing page -- hard-coded dates were replaced with Delay Timers.
2/9 - Added Nettie interview to News page; edited 3 MFA Video Landing pages to add on the option to purchase the Detox course.
2/13 - Added Video Tracking to the 3 MFA Video landing pages by using Google Tag manager to send notification to Zapier when contact watches 90% or more of the video; Zapier then tags the contact in InfusionSoft. Activated the Facebook Ad.
2/14 - Modified Booked Call Sequence of MFA campaign so Cris gets an email specifying that the Booking resulted from the MFA Campaign. Documented the entire MFA project setup on a page in OM website.
2/16 - Forwarded and other paper domains to; disabled renewal on ASmallOrange hosting; made sure Memberium account is inactive; forwarded other school domains to;
2/16 - Created a page for 2018 Book Club videos and reports; started creating landing pages in the Book Club Download Campaign for each Report; Gave Cris Links to be added to YouTube videos. Contacted IS Support because campaign wasn't working properly.
2/17 - Finished 2018 Book Club Landing pages;
2/20 - Finished 2017 Book Club Landing pages; finished 2018 website Book Club page; finished 2017 website Book Club page
2/24 - Tested all Book Club landing pages and downloads; added Book Club to dropdown and added widget on home page.

Sub Total $787.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $787.50

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