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Invoice Number INV-0146
Invoice Date January 4, 2018
Due Date April 26, 2018
Total Due $332.50
Organizing Maniacs
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
4.75 Website Maintenance

1/2/18 - Online chat with InfusionSoft to thoroughly review the Free ebook form on home page - it's the only form lately that's getting spammed. Suggested tagging spam contacts and then delete them periodically.
Added New Years Resolution podcast to website "In the News" section.
Updated copyright in footer to '2018'.
1/2/18 - Modifed InfusionSoft to add Contact field for IP Address; modified the Free ebook form on home page to input user's IP address and save it; will give IP address info to Nate so he can block spam bots on server.
1/2/18 - Take Excel spreadsheet with Detox contacts and copy/paste into People in Kajabi.
2/27/18 - Find some possible graphics to replace form and video on home page.
2/4/18 - Investigate myRepono plugin causing server crash. Started up myRepono plugin and ran a backup - looks ok. Optimized newest book club post for SEO.
2/18/18 - Replaced home page video and form with team photo. Optimize the latest blog post.
3/10/18 - Transfer domain from A Small Orange to main GoDaddy account.
3/19/18 - Cancel hosting on A Small Orange (Cris later reactivated it til it expires in a year).
4/8/18 - Make sure Registrants are being tagged for the upcoming Training; create a Saved Search for Cris to use when emailing upcoming Registration emails that excludes those who already Registered.
4/8/18 - Check the latest Posts and improve SEO - made existing bolded headings into H3 headings and broke sentences into two shorter sentences to improve Readability scores for SEO.
4/11/18 - For contacts who filled out the Detox form in April, replaced 9/14 Detox tag with April 2018 tag. Revised Saved Search to use new tag; added paid registrants to Kajabi Detox course.

Sub Total $332.50
Tax $0.00
Total Due $332.50

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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