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Invoice Number INV-0468
Invoice Date February 28, 2022
Due Date May 25, 2022
Total Due $357.00
Organizing Maniacs
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5.1 Website Maintenance

2/28/2022 - Updated 4 plugins and theme.
3/1/2022 - Modified Post Phone Call Campaign to remove free Label Maker.
3/3/2022 - Meet with Max regarding new site and InfusionSoft forms.
3/4/2022 - Prepare shared doc listing all of the forms on the website and the InfusionSoft embed codes for Max.
4/5/2020 - Figure out why the form code for Book Club Signup wasn't working for Becca.
4/6/2020 - Incorporate sign-up form into 27 Book Club report download campaign and provide code to Becca for new website.
4/18/2022 - Start going through development site looking for problems/errors; Spent some time and found quite a few. Will discuss with Becca/Max tomorrow and encourage them to review the rest of the site and let me know when ready.
4/19/2022 - Zoom session with Becca so she can show me how to add posts in WordPress and edit various things.
4/20/2022 - Edit Free eBook campaign to add a basic form for new website; change Order form for Meaningful Memorabilia and Detox so they lead to a thank you page on website instead of an IS thank you page; provide thank you page URLs to Becca.
4/26/2022 - Created PDFs of Wash Post articles and replaced link in blog post - sent to Becca; fixed two broken links to Meridian Homes free ebook and sent info to Becca.
4/26/2022 - Updated plugins.
5/2/2022 - Tested new site on mobile. Documented errors.
5/5 and 5/6/2022 - Testing Insights, search on laptop and mobile.

Sub Total $357.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $357.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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