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Invoice Number INV-0490
Invoice Date May 22, 2022
Due Date July 13, 2022
Total Due $875.00
Organizing Maniacs
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
12.5 Website Maintenance

5/22/22 - Change DNS for to point to SquareSpace. Updated thank you page links for campaigns and tested the signups/forms. Changed OM logo in InfusionSoft campaigns, products, order forms, emails; Changed logo in Gift Card Cafe.
5/23/22 - Few website edits; investigated search plugins.
5/29/22 - Added CallRail javascript snippet to website; modified InfusionSoft Website Contact form to reflect the current services offered.
6/2/2022 - Log in to GoDaddy and point to the OM website page for Free eBook - keep the masking; terminate the economy hosting since no sites are hosted on it any longer; should remain forwarded to
6/9/2022 - Add CallRail javascript to site again; add Facebook pixel to site; give Neal from Mainely SEO the new thank you page links for contact form and for free ebook. Make sure FB pixel is working. Create report in Google Analytics that is emailed to me weekly that identifies any pages accessed that lead to the 404 page; create a custom 404 page in SquareSpace; change access to Google Analytics for Neal from Mainely SEO.
6/10/2022 - Finished SEO for website. Added page descriptions and image alt text. Replaced Cris' bio photo.
6/12/2022 - Replaced logo in images in 30 day organizing challenge campaign.
6/13/2022 - Replaced logo in images in Free Training Friday campaign;
6/19/2022 - Troubleshoot Contact form on website - it was giving an error upon signup and saying the captcha wasn't filled out. Troubleshoot question Shadra raised about blog URLs. Troubleshoot CallRail - javascript code was missing that I had put in the Code Injection section.
6/20/2022 - Start documenting requirements for the Boost and Bloom meeting.
6/20/2022 - Found that most of the blog posts didn't have redirects - contacted Max to complete that work.
6/21/2022 - Documented the funnels and registering them for the various funnels; edit graphics for more Free Training Friday campaigns.
6/22/2022 - Created flowchart for the Boost and Bloom meeting showing Contact Us and Book Club funnel flow.
6/23/2022 - Troubleshoot duplicates of the Free Consultation form being filled out by a single person; IS Chat support advised using the checkbox for that form which prevents duplicates, and it worked.
6/27/2022 - Created list of logins for the Bloom and Boost meeting.
6/28/2022 - Attend Boost & Bloom meeting; finish revised funnel for Free Training Friday campaign that website uses so that trainings are delivered weekly instead of all at once; added subscribe button to the podcast page;

Sub Total $875.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $875.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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