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Invoice Number INV-0320
Invoice Date April 12, 2020
Due Date August 6, 2020
Total Due $287.00
Organizing Maniacs
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4.1 Website Maintenance

4/8-4/9 - Help get 4/10 FTF campaign ready to send out.
4/10 - Run reports of contacts that can be deleted from IS.
4/12 - Delete contacts from IS.
4/14 - Finish up the FTF 4/17 Campaign and apply tag; verify that Meaningful Memorabilia purchase will add contact to Kajabi. Set up promo code and test.
4/17 - Edit promo code for Memorabilia; create FTF website page so people can view the videos;
4/19 - Add FTF section to Online DIY page.
4/20 - Work on two funnels for C21 Agents; finish the FTF 4/24 campaign; add pandemic section to website home page.
4/25 - Finish all Agents campaign - added registration form; help contact with promo code;
4/29 - Copy C21 Campaigns and revise for May 12 Training.
5/18 - Finish edits to DIY pages; change Wake Up Paperless to download eBook instead of CD; fix FTF campaigns so they make sense for people signing up after the fact.

Sub Total $287.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $287.00

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