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Invoice Number INV-0370
Invoice Date November 10, 2020
Due Date December 23, 2020
Total Due $94.40


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
8.75 Website Maintenance

11/10/20 - Research odd files in hosting and why we can't update WordPress. Restore ability to update WordPress by editing wo-config and change "Disable Edt" to False. Delete old files and unused plugins. Go through files and look for oddities. Removed Sketch theme (Where did it come from), removed Three Column Screen Layout plugin - there were 6 of these! Installed Sucuri plugin. Changed password.
11/13/20 - Add Mavenir paper as a Resource and created the form.
11/18/20 - SP_ORAN set up zoom and landing page.
11/18/20 - Update Mavenir paper and figures.
11/19/20 - Check website for signs of any additional hacking - none found.
11/19/20 - SP Midband - Download video, coordinate with Ivan, edit landing page, import to MC.
11/20/20 - Install PDF plugin and prepare test page.
11/22/20 - Midband Video done - create WP-Form, Form page.
11/23/20 - Create mailshot for Midband to go to Registered users.
11/23/20 - Create mailshot for Open RAN US.
11/24/20 - Investigate way to send Thank you email after user fills out form.
11/20/20 - Research GDPR plugins; activate GDPR for Wp-Forms.
12/1/20 - Install and setup GDPR Cookie plugin; moving analytics account; run cookie report.
12/1/20 - Begin Futurithmic Encryption article.
12/2/20 - Finish Futurithmic article.
12/4/20 - FCC Zoom, FCC website page, FCC MailChimp.
12/7/20 - Phone call with Monica
12/8/20 - Adjust GDPR Cookie settings; research Console/Analytics linkup
12/9/20 - Investigate some suspicious files that Sucuri found
12/9/20 - Finish the Thank you email from WP-forms. Deactivate GDPR for WP Forms
12/9/20 - For SP-Utilities - Zoom, website landing page; PPT.

1 Adjustment

Adjustment for using incorrect rate on 3 invoices - Aug, Sept, and Oct.

Sub Total $94.40
Tax $0.00
Total Due $94.40

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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