19365 Cypress Ridge Terr Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176

Invoice Number INV-0385
Invoice Date February 26, 2021
Due Date March 22, 2021
Total Due $190.00
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3.8 Website Maintenance

2/26/2021 - Cleaned up/deleted old posts, private (except any new ones), and draft (except new). - 20 minutes
2/28/2021 - Configured main nav dropdowns to be generated dynamically by using UberMenu; - 10 minutes
3/1/2021 - DD_Facebook -add to Report download, form page, landing page; added Elementor to test site; added a test page. - 25 minutes
3/2/2021 - AeroMACS Mailshot to registered; mark any remaining form pages to exclude from search; - 30 minutes
3/3/2021 - Import AeroMACS attendees to MC; put into trash the draft posts; change WordPress time limit on trash emptying to 425 days; research if Elementor can style the Read more section like we have it now (including ability to exclude current post) and found out that it can; removed duplicate "Events" tab in dashboard - had to remove Custom Field Type; reviewed some of the Website Changes To-Dos for any ones unrelated to changing editors. - 35 minutes
3/4/2021 - Phone call re Elementor; download; SPFutures video for Ivan; download LeadGen files; notify Ivan; edit landing page while video is being prepared. - 45 minutes
3/5/2021 - Import SPFutures attendees - 5 minutes
3/7/2021 - View tutorial on Elementor page layout; Download Elementor - 15 minutes

Sub Total $190.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $190.00

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176