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Invoice Date June 14, 2020
Due Date October 1, 2020
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Holistic Family Health

Herndon, VA

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3.2 Website Maintenance

6/13/20 - Create Email about safety; June special; add purifier info/pic to home page.
7/15/20 - Convert list of HBOT patients into CSV and import into MailChimp.
7/16/20 - Create email to send to HBOT patients.
7/22/20 - Sent out the HBOT email; created the Free Zyto Scan Email; corrected some grammar in the Zyto article and added that and some brochure pictures to the Zyto website page that is linked to from the Email.
7/29/20 - Finished edits and sent out the Free Zyto Scan Email; created the 3 for the price of 2 Lyme detox session email; added and tagged the contacts; send draft to Sherri.
8/2/20 - Post on FB about Zyto Hand Scan.
9/1/20 - Add Light and Sound Therapy page to website; add image, description and two PDFs.

Sub Total $224.00
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Total Due $224.00

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