19365 Cypress Ridge Terr Unit 909
Leesburg, VA 20176

Invoice Number INV-0073
Invoice Date March 15, 2017
Due Date July 3, 2017
Total Due $352.10
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
.15 Website Maintenance

3/14/17 - Remove canonical links from all active pages - was messing up HubSpot Analytics

.3 Graphic Design

3/30/17 - Create Janitorial icon in green and orange

.3 Graphic Design

4/3/17 - Create new Construction icon in green and orange and replace the old one on the website in 2 places.

.16 Graphic Design

4/13/17 - Make graphic files from FontAwesome icons on Support page for Jen.

.3 Website Maintenance

4/21/17 - Added description, keywords, and alt tags to images for Home, About, Product pages


5/8/17 - Search Engine Optimization - Research ideas to improve SEO and send suggestions to Jen. Replace old Vimeo video, claim Google+ page and edit it, view competitors meta and incorporate some of it in ePN's meta, etc.

.3 Website Maintenance

5/12/17 - Added description, keywords to pages and alt tags to images for several more pages.

1 Website Maintenance

6/5 - Add Careers page, embed HubSpot contact forms in page, troubleshoot forms, add Career link to top nav, main nav, and footer nav.

.6 Website Maintenance

6/9 - Troubleshoot HubSpot tracking links being rewritten by website, causing Social media links to appear as Direct Links in reporting; submit ticket to ResellerChoice to apply critical update to ePN DNN Software.

.5 Social Media

6/9 - Troubleshoot Google business page - not receiving post cards; submitted detailed form to Google Business support - no response; successfully edited business address in Google Maps; requested another post card.

.22 Website Maintenance

6/14-6/17 - Create Careers test page and edit header, fix text. Make test Careers page 'live'.

.2 Website Maintenance

6/19 - Add Tom Frommack, Remove Alan from About page.

Sub Total $352.10
Tax $0.00
Total Due $352.10