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Invoice Number INV-0113
Invoice Date August 20, 2017
Due Date November 8, 2017
Total Due $405.72
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1 Website Maintenance

8/20/17- Make draft of Surf 2 Success page with 3 tabbed sections, header image, and surf board images in a table format. Finish Surf 2 Success page.

.7 Website Maintenance

8/27/17 - Add Marketing Automation article to In the News section of ePN News page; added JAN/SAN article and Marketing Automation article to News section of About page.

.3 Website Maintenance

8/30 - Add bio/photo for Mark Modica and Hugh Smith to About page.

.18 Website Maintenance

9/2 - Change address on Contact page; Edit Google listing to change address.

.666 Website Maintenance

9/5/17 - Contact HubSpot to make sure Social media URL links are being properly handled by website, and verified that they are; investigated to see why incongruency between Clicks and Visits in Social Reporting in HubSpot.

.35 Website Maintenance

9/6/17 - Add Sept 8 Press Release to News Page of website.

.3 Website Maintenance

9/7/17 - Add IT Briefcase news article to In The News section of ePN News Accouncements page.

.65 Website Maintenance

9/15 - Design a slide for Surf 2 Success that will be one of sliding images on the home page.

.45 Website Maintenance

10/4/2017 - Create 'Videos' section on Resources page; add the 4 ePN videos, including the newest one.

1.2 Website Maintenance

10/14/2017 - Investigate why recent HubSpot data still shows many more clicks than visits.
10/19/2017 - Continuing to stay in touch with HubSport Support to zero in on reasons why not all visits are being recorded.
10/24 - Summarize HubSpot's replies to questions submitted on the ticket and send to Jen and Caron; include additional research regarding similar effect with Facebook and statistics involving clicks.

Sub Total $405.72
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Total Due $405.72

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