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Invoice Number INV-0024
Invoice Date August 2, 2016
Due Date September 1, 2016
Total Due $225.93
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
.3 Conference Call

Conference Call 8/1 with Cindy and Sushma

1 Website Maintenance

8/1 - More changes to improve ePN Support ZenDesk homepage banner for responsiveness on all devices; add Customer Support link to main site's footer. Link 'Submit an online request' on ZenDesk homepage.

.25 Website Maintenance

8/11 - Investigate and respond re: giving Anjani iframe footer code from ePN website for use in ePN B2B marketplace footer

.33 Website Maintenance

8/11 - Add HubSpot tracking code to ePN website footer

.3333 Website Maintenance

8/16/16 - Review AWSTATS for website and send Cindy graphic for January-August; get click count from several links on website; review history of forms submitted on Contact page.

.3 Website Maintenance

10/4 - Fix For Buyers banner text, investigate image mapping for 2 separate buttons on header image.

.3 Website Maintenance

10/5 - Modify Contact Link so it goes to hub site; review all contact links and make corrections as needed.

.5 Website Maintenance

10/14 - 10/18 - Contact Jon to get email address changed on Terms page; phone call with Jon; research DNN Terms page; create Terms page which supercedes 'System' Terms of Use.

Sub Total $225.93
Tax $0.00
Total Due $225.93

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