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Invoice Date September 25, 2018
Due Date March 20, 2019
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1.7785 Website Maintenance

9/25 - Update location and details for Fall event. Add Yoga event with details and three pricing options.
11/27 - Updated a few plugins that were out of date. Add Winter GK event; registration form and link; Add Yoga event; Add RISE Yoga event.
1/16 - Replaced logo with new one; deleted extra page; added Winter GK program Series II; fixed nav so it wouldn't wrap to second line; uploaded and embedded two videos. Updated copyright to 2019.
1/23 - Research plugins for online classes and send info to Heather.
1/24 - Use photos Heather sent to make a new sliding image for home page; fix problem with logo image having white edges.

Sub Total $124.50
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Total Due $124.50

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19365 Cypress Ridge Terr
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