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myRepono - Website & mySQL Database Backup ServiceSunny Day Sites LLC recommends myRepono, an automated website backup service for shared hosting!

myRepono is an online service enabling you to securely backup web sites using an online and web-based management system.

Set up the easy-to-install backup API, select which files and mySQL databases you would like to backup, and myRepono takes care of the rest, backing up your site as frequently as you require.

The myRepono backup service is perfect for  database driven websites which have content or data that changes on a regular basis. If you use a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal for your web site, are you making regular backups of your database? If not, you risk losing your hard work!

What if you lost years of your blog posting, or deleted something you haven’t backed up? It happens to the best of us, including big names like Pixar, who managed to delete Toy Story 2!

One web site is being hacked every 5 seconds. Hacking doesn’t just affect big companies. Over 50% of hacking affects small and medium size businesses and non-profit organizations.

You may assume your hosting provider keeps backups, but have you ever tried to restore those backups?  It’s often not simple. Host backups can be out-of-date, or they may be unable to restore the backup or only part of the backup.

You can learn about the importance of backing up by following the myRepono Website Backup Blog which provides backup tips and advice as well as stories of those who didn’t backup, or who were very glad they did!

For a limited time myRepono is offering all new customers a $5 free credit so you can start using the myRepono website backup service at no cost. Sign-up now to ensure you don’t miss your free credit!

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